lørdag 20. desember 2014

Blog re-activated at blog.keepofkalessin.com

I've been silent for a while. Much of this is because Facebook decided to block my domain at www.arntobsidian.com for some reason. I think it was because the domain was in the hands of a domain broker for some time. I've tried to unblock countless times, but it seems impossible.

And without sharing to Facebook possible, I've decided to move my blog to the keepofkalessin.com domain as we're up and running there again now.

Once more I will try to keep a blog about the band, my other endeavours and just thoughts and ideas in general.....and I will work on being more consistent this time! Someone whispered into my ear the other day "Tired of starting over? Then don't quit!". And as I think about this quote, I just realize that this is what I'm doing over and over again. Being consistent in what you do is actually extremely difficult....especially when you're like me and running after a new idea every 20 seconds. Where is that "creativity on" - "creativity off" switch that I've been wanting for some years now? ;)

Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

Alright, it's good to be back with a new album after such a long time! I feel this album has been just a looong struggle to get done so it's nice to finally see the light of day for this release!

If you haven't checked out all the different editions of this release then head over to www.keepofkalessin.com and check it out! I think it looks better than any of our previous albums! It definately SOUNDS better and I'm looking forward to when you all can hear it!

All the best,
Arnt Obsidian

onsdag 11. juni 2014

Update on the new album.

The album is finished....and has been finished for about 2 months! But since we need at least 3 months to set up the marketing campaign and summer is not a good time to release any album, we've decided to wait.

In fact, we've decided to not rush this one as we have done all other previous albums, but rather set up a good and solid marketing campaign first....and then decide on the releasedate. We set up the campaign and then see how much time we need for everything and that will be what controls the releasedate.

For now, we're looking towards an October release. I'll keep you updated on this as we move forward.

søndag 5. mai 2013

First euro tour in over a year!

It's Sunday and it's now only two days until we start our first euro tour in more than a year! Last shows we played was in Brazil in September and before that we had a long break from the touring life.

It's been three years now since Reptilian was released and work on the new album is starting to pick up as we're done with all guitars, bass and keyboards for 20 songs. We're now working on the lyrics and vocal arrangements and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to trying out new stuff.

As I am the new lead singer of the band it's important for me to explore every possibility of my range as a vocalist before nailing it down on the album. This is also the same method we used when I pushed both Attila and Thebon beyond their own limits when they joined the band.

Right now I feel quite confident that I can pull this off since it seems that I'm able to do any of the vocal styles needed in Keep Of Kalessin and hopefully also can add something to it.

However, it just two days we head out on the road with Finntroll and we haven't rehearsed together in months. I've also been so busy with studiowork that I haven't had time to really focus on getting my shit up to the level I feel necessary, but the next two days is all about doing just that.

Unfortunately Vyl cannot join us on this tour so we had to hire a young, up and coming drummer from the Oslo area. He is in a band called Aeon Throne and seems like he's gonna deliver the goods.

We will use all day Monday and Tuesday to rehearse as crazy to get the drummer and the vocals up to the level needed for the stage in Berlin on Wednesday.

See you guys next week in Berlin, Vosselaar, Dordrecht, Cologne, Paris and London!!

tirsdag 9. april 2013

New Keep Of Kalessin EP and Musikmesse Frankfurt

As some of you probably already know, Keep Of Kalessin has just released a new EP called "Introspection".

The EP contains three songs with focus on pushing the new single "Introspection" which was released on YouTube a little over a week ago. You can check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3qb5jf1nE4

The new digital era opens some opportunities for bands and releasing digital EP's makes it possible for such a diverse band as Keep Of Kalessin to release some tracks and new versions of tracks that would not necessarily fit on an album.

Introspection is a very personal song for me and deals with some issues I guess many can relate to when they start questioning themselves and what's really important in their lives. As a musician you're always sacrificing personal life for the band and lately I've been wondering if it's all worth it. Girlfriends, friends and family have always come second and I guess it's only natural that some priorities change as you grow older. So....basically I guess this is my midlife crisis caught on tape. ;)

Flight of the hatchling is our first instrumental song and shows the band from a very different side. As the title suggests this is our own type of Flight of the bumblebee kind of song, even though it's not a cover version, but a song entirely written by  me.

We also added a version of The Dragontower which I've wanted to release for some time now. The only change to this version is in fact how the drums are playing and shows that the song is very much Keep Of Kalessin and now sounding more like The Divine Land or Ascendant type of songs.

On Reptilian we had mostly blastbeat songs and the reason why we chose the "slower" version of The Dragontower was simply to make it stand out and to give the album more diversity.

The extreme version is the same tempo and same recordings as previously released except for the drumtracks which have been re-recorded with more of Vyl's furiosity.

Today I'm also in Frankfurt and going to the Musikmesse which starts tomorrow. This is the largest convention for musical instruments and music electronics in Europe.

I'm here to help promote some coming products as well as meetings with sponsors and connections.

If you're going to the convention you will probably find me around the ESP booth or the Leqtique/Strandberg booth. I will also be walking around to check out the coming products in the market and see if I can hook up with some new connections that can help me realize some of my own product ideas.

søndag 31. mars 2013

Comments about Thebon's statement saying Keep Of Kalessin are backstabbers!

Keep Of Kalessin is back and we’re really excited to see the great response that our new video “Introspection” is getting!

However, for us there is a situation that really is a damper on the the excitement and celebration about putting a new video out there, and that of course it is the situation about our former singer Thebon and how this news was broken to the media and fans.

So we will try to explain the situation from the band’s point of view.

Of course we knew that he was not missing in the african jungle like the pressrelease says. It was simply a figure of speach to say that noone actually knew what the hell was going on.

During the summer of 2012 we got an offer to tour with Dark Tranquility in November/December 2012 and everyone except Thebon wanted to do this tour. He had plans to go to South Africa with his girlfriend and since we earlier had agreed that the band didn't need to be main priority in 2012, the band respected his decision.

However, it was a decent offer from DT and everyone else wanted to do the tour so the band, including Thebon, decided that I should step up and see if I could manage both the vocals and the guitars so we didn’t have to miss the tour. Everyone was happy.

I started rehearsing and it turned out to be a pretty good solution to our problem, however just a few days before the tour everything was cancelled from DT’s side.

We had discussed the possible release of a new EP called “Introspection” before the tour, but all these plans were put on hold now that the tour was cancelled.

The tour cancellation gave us more time to focus on the production of the new album and we recorded bass, guitars, drums and keyboards for the EP.
Vyl then sent out a message to everyone in the band asking for a band meeting to start getting the wheels in motion and discuss the production of the new album as well as the future of the band. To this message we recieved no answer from Thebon and he didn’t show up to the meeting.

We knew that Thebon was later going to South Africa with his girlfriend and that vocals for the album probably would be postponed for a few months.

During these months I started testing vocals on the track Introspection to lay down the lyrics and melodies and found that they sounded really good so me and Wizziac showed it to Vyl.

We had noticed a decline in Thebon’s enthusiasm and contribution to  the band so we weren’t sure if he even wanted to continue with us on the next album.

It was at this point that we started to discuss the possibility of me taking over the vocals. All our fans know that I have been the driving force of the band for all these years and we felt it wouldn’t be a bad thing to relate to me as a frontman as I’m doing most of the interviews and promotion anyway.

Since we heard nothing from him we started moving forward without him and finishing the Introspection EP with my vocals on the new single. And we also recorded a video for it.

We had a couple of more meetings where I asked every time if this was the way to go, but it always came down to the fact that vocals were pretty good and it seemed like Thebon wanted out anyway....which he actually confirms in his own statement after he got “kicked”.

We held off breaking any kind of news about this, simply because we wanted to talk to him first. And I still wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do this.

Now, it was more than 4 months since we last heard from him and I started to wonder if he at all cared what happened to the band. He knew we were producing a new album during these months, he knew he had recieved a message from Vyl, months prior, to a band meeting without him answering. Why didn’t he even send a message to hear what was going on?

We held back release and I waited to hear from him when he was back home, but suddenly I heard from friends that he had been home for quite some time and even started a new job here without contacting anyone in the band! I then sent him a message saying “Hey, are you ok? Are you home? Can we have a meeting this week?” Facebook shows that he saw this message within one minute from me sending it, but there was no reply.

In this meeting I wanted to discuss if he even wanted to continue. I still wasn’t sure if this was the right way to go and I wanted him to have a say in it as well. The video wasn’t even finished at this point. And if he wanted out, we could have discussed on the best way to break it to our fans and even let him come out on top. But since there was no answer noone knew what the hell was going on and we simply had to move and accept our label’s plan for release of the new single during Inferno Fest. We were already running way too late with release of new material.

So, he kinda made the decision for us by not responding for almost 5 months because you simply don’t disappear from your duties in a band for such a long time and not responding to hails.

I wish we could have broken the news in a much better way and I think we could have handled this better and I especially regret the fact that our deepest thanks for the years we had together and our best wishes for his future didn’t make it into the first pressrelease!

But what were we supposed to do? He was the one travelling so he was the one who should have contacted us when he got home. At least we made an effort. He made none! We waited as long as possible and held back a release for months because we wanted to talk to him first!!

He even wrote in his statement that he was considering quitting the band. So why is he now blaming the band for being backstabbers?

Either way, we want both parties to focus on the future from now on so we hope he is ok and we wish him all the best for the future. You are an amazing singer and we all still consider you a close friend.

Obsidian C. and Keep Of Kalessin


And to our fans who doubt every turn we take, only to come back crawling and excusing themselves for not believing that we'd make such awesome albums over and over again......Remember that I was the one producing Attila, telling him how to handle every little detail and making him sound like he did on Reclaim. I was the one taking a young kid without experience in Trondheim and working for months in the studio to shape the vocals for Armada and make the unique sound Keep Of Kalessin has for all albums since.

So I'm pretty damn sure I can do the same with my own vocals as well so stop being so damn afraid of what direction the band will take because there will be some songs here and there that will surprise you. But there will also be epic extreme fuckin' music coming from this camp for years to come!!!!!

Now......we move forward!!

tirsdag 21. august 2012

Writing process

I'm back in Spain finishing writing the new album. I've been here quite a bit this summer and it's nice because in Norway we've had the worst worst summer in 15 years!

Wizziac joined me last week and he's staying here until Sept 1st to help me finish the songs. We hope to have everything finished before we leave for Brazil so we can focus on recording when we get back home from that tour.

Today we finished a great track that I'm really excited about! It's very thrashy, unique and still epic as fuck!

We have a lot of songs now and still writing more. Every time I write a new track I feel it gets better than the previous one so now it's about deciding on where to draw the bottom line. But with the two newest tracks I've written lately I feel I still need to keep writing a couple more of that quality before I'm happy.

tirsdag 19. juni 2012


The last week I've been kinda quiet on this blog, but that doesn't mean I've stopped working.

However, I've had some company here and been out with friends a couple of times. It's nice to be social even though I'm in writing mode.

I also went to a birthday party colombian style with a salsa trubadour who was quite impressed with my one handed gravity blasts! haha.

I've been writing riff upon riff, but I kinda feel I'm in the wrong zone right now. I should be finishing up what I already have, but every day I start 2-3 new songs. I just need to get those ideas down when I have them so for now I still have many un-finished songs. Many of them are quite close to finished though so again it's that focus of completing those songs that needs to be adressed in the coming days.

I will be heading back to Norway already in about a week and we're starting rehearsals with the whole band so I don't feel I need to finish all these songs before that. It will be great to get the other guys' opinions as well and maybe then I can find the solutions I'm looking for in these songs.